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What is an AC Compressor?

Your vehicle's air conditioning system has many parts that removes heat from the warm air entering its system. The compressor is known as the power unit of the air conditioning system that moves refrigerant, or coolant, around the pipe and puts the liquid under high pressure before it is pumped into the condenser. The AC compressor is a long tube that goes back and forth through several cooling fins. It is located in front of your vehicle's radiator so it is exposed to more air that flows through your car. Before the refrigerant can cycle back through the system, any water that may have been created in the process needs to be removed. This is achieved by a component known as a receiver or dryer. Once the water is removed, the refrigerant can start the cycle all over again. To make sure all parts of your air conditioning system are working appropriately and you drive a Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, or any other make, you can bring your car to Millbrae Motors today.


Your vehicle's air conditioner compressor also has an electromagnetic clutch that engages and disengages the compressor pulley. The AC compressor runs when the pulley is engaged to the compressor driving shaft. Having a clutch prevents the AC compressor for having to work all the time; rather, it is only engaged when your air conditioning is on and you desire cool air.


How do I know if my AC Compressor needs repairs?

When your vehicle is running with the central air conditioning on, the AC compressor is constantly working to compress and circulate the air conditioner refrigerant. Because of this, the AC compressor as well as its components can wear out and even fail over time. We at Millbrae Motors in San Mateo can take care of your AC compressor as well as the rest of your vehicle's air conditioning system. Some signs that something is wrong with your vehicle's AC compressor include:

Hearing strange noises coming from your vehicle is never a good sign, and one of the reasons why you may be experiencing this is that your AC compressor is compromised. Most AC compressors have a sealed bearing that can seize up or wear out over time. This situation is exacerbated when there is a refrigerant leak. You may hear a grinding sound of metal-on-metal or a high pitched squeal coming from your vehicle. The drive belt will squeal when it is unable to spin the compressor, which can happen if your AC compressor's sealed bearing freezes up. While we at Millbrae Motors will try our best to repair your AC compressor, we will sometimes advise to replace it altogether. This is a decision you and your technician can reach together.

Your compression could always be engaged if your compression clutch is always "on," which means it will be constantly turning even when it's not supposed to, which will cause it to wear out much faster.


Your Reliable Shop for A/C Compressor Repair

If you are having an issue with your a/c compressor, Millbrae Motors in Millbrae,, CA, 94030 is your place to go. Our  team of Quality technicians have decades of experience and are experts in all things auto repair, including Maintenance Service and Repair, Diagnostics and Repair, and a/c compressor repair. Reasons You Should Do Business With Us:


If you are in Burlingame, California, Hillsborough, California, Millbrae, California, San Bruno, California, South San Francisco, California, or nearby, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with Millbrae Motors, either online or via phone at 650-952-4898 . Millbrae Motors - Millbrae's Premier European Dealership Alternative. 

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